G-Eazy - Hate The Way (Official Video) ft. blackbear



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    G-Eazy “Hate The Way” feat. blackbear: smarturl.it/hatetheway

    Director: Kat Webber
    Executive Producer: Taj Critchlow
    Producer: Fuliane Petikyan
    DP: Xiaolong Lui
    Production Designer: Gody Fusina / Spencer Graves
    Production Company: Fela

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    1. Apon kabir

      This is Gerald's 15th billboard hot 100song🤘 Hate the way picked at 71

    2. zTezq

      G-Eazy has that something, man idk i cant even explain it but yeah hes good.

    3. EL Nyamekye

      Why youtube gotta play Halsey Ad before the video always play ? Smh

    4. Marc Están

      . @untilthelast_place

    5. Wesley Anthony

      bro do a video playing Joker it would go so hard.

    6. Maddy Wolf

      Not normally one to pick out little things but damn if that girl doesn't have the same rose linework shoulder tattoo that Halsey has... wack shit.

    7. Wilber Alfaro

      why g-eazy tryna act like billy lol only the real ones know who im talking about

    8. matty fell

      💯% facts miss u

    9. Aury Vlogz

      The rose tattoo on the girl's shoulder is the same tattoo Halsey has tho

    10. C2 The King

      nobody gon talk about his acting?!!!!

    11. Faith Tappan

      I think this bout hasley

    12. AstralRoxy 818

      I love this song, I listen to it on repeat 🤞💯💜

    13. Jake

      Funny thing about toxic relationships. The grip is still strong, though you do not see the person anymore. You wish somehow you could. And that things were different - what if I did that instead of that? Would things have turned out different? And you keep asking yourself, do you miss the person or the moments? Let's hope that time will do its trick and lessen the pain...

    14. Elizabeth Jenar


    15. Kate Kovach

      money can buy air time and a voice but cant buy what you really desire. shame. yall never learn till you die and the world only loves you when your dead. I love you as you are, both of you, all of you. just gotta find the one worth suffering for but it wont come easy...as bb said, love dont cost a thing ...good luck and stay away form the fuckin percs dumbasses

    16. Nikola L

      Just call her already

    17. Komal Sharma

      Idk but anybody else find it matching with 365 song of Katy Perry 🤷🏻‍♀️ ??

    18. Tishfouch


    19. Tyler Irwin

      You are who you are G but this reminds of me the 90210 days I love it

    20. Noémi Swan

      A featuring with Lana del Rey for this song would have been LEGENDARY 😃😃😃😃😃!!!!!!! This is a masterpiece, simply a masterpiece 😌😌😍😍😍

      1. Ran Lolita

        Nope they used to date in 2017

    21. Kundan Kumar


    22. ray monroe

      the only white rapper that appreciate american muscle cars.

    23. First Last

      Ah, you lost someone who loved you due to your ego.

    24. BLANCO

      Damn eh. Lowkey a deep meaning behind this

    25. Siphakanyiswa khetha

      " Yeah I know I'm crazy but you`re sick too"

    26. Kelly xxv-apexgirl-vxx

      That Courtney love and cobain verse got me

    27. Swanner

      To the person that is reading this: You’re very intelligent and an adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine 🌈 ☁️ My dream is 5k. I been struggling to get there any help is appreciated😎❤ :) Thanks legends.

    28. Asma Arrar

      In love with this song ❤ endlessly 🥰👌

    29. Rita Veres

      I really love this song... but when in some interviews G said that it was not about an ex-girlfriend, for me it lost a bit of credibility... I still love the song and I am happy for Gerald, he seems to be living his best life with Ashley Benson, but I cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster Halsey had to go through from seeing this movie-like video for the first time and then watching G talk about the song and revealing that actually, it is not about her... 🥺😭

    30. Mike Eliopoulos

      Chat: Gerald- Miss you Halsey- Forget me

    31. momo

      Glad to see the real g eazy is back. I feel your pain bro. But listen when you do drugs n drink in s relationship, the relationship won't last because it naturally brings fights and arguments. Also when you're in a relationship the industry will break you down so either you sell your soul or you slowly leave n live a happy simple life.

    32. Henry Smith


    33. Charlotte A

      two toxic kings who cheat on and gaslight their girlfriends. a true bop!

    34. PAJTIM

      This high quality music, the only thing missing is a Legendary Guitar Solo ...

      1. soiung toiue

        I love this song so much! Its like they took all the words from my thoughts and put it into this song

    35. Caitlyn Driggers

      Clay Baxley..... you really did a number on me. You got me hooked and now I’ll never be free. I’ve always loved you, since day 1 and you know that. But now I guess I have to walk alone, just me. Fuck that 💔

      1. soiung toiue

        I just love blackbear.

    36. Leonardo Bautista

      Never have I related to a song so much... 😭 this couldn't have dropped at a better time for me

    37. Mike M.

      They both still love each other they do nothing but write songs about each other!

      1. Natalia Oana

        At least. 💙

    38. Satarupa Ganguly

      The bottom line, Is, You still miss her. 😂😂😂😂

    39. I_Smack_Rats

      Im so tired of feeling this way. Im fucking losing it chief.

    40. Ivan Cortez

      Got this on replay can't get enough of this song

    41. Dyana Dyamonds

      Zoro for u 😢

    42. Marie Lee

      I'm liking his new music so far.

    43. Hao

      This isn't g eazy, this is Gerald miss this old stuff.

    44. Aleks González

      That fire jam 2020 needed. FACTS!! 🔥🔥

    45. Tyler Durden

      It's been way too long since he made a song with blackbear. More, please.

    46. Deborah Gorton

      This song is SO amazing!!! Absolutely award worthy!!! I get chills every time I hear this song!!!

    47. Nino Gamboa

      Moral of the story is stay away from drugs THEY DON'T CALL IT CONTROL SUBSTANCES FOR NOTHING

    48. Mariah PokéDawg

      Came from a BlackBear song. Must be awkward when your friends are feuding. Props for being a neutral human and make music with all of them. So grateful you did

    49. mhillaker

      I just love blackbear.

    50. denisha917

      I love this song so much! Its like they took all the words from my thoughts and put it into this song

    51. Rejeane Redmon


    52. Tra Le

      G-Eazy: I Hate the way I always miss you Halsey: Ok, Forget me too

    53. John Adams

      Bro this hits so hard G-Eazy you're an inspiration, a true romantic. Love you bro, you deserve it all man

    54. Faisal Khan



      Best of 2020

    56. Gdonisblue

      WISH they could heal & would get back together. The love was so deep.

    57. Gdonisblue

      G easy gives me old Hollywood vibes. Love it.

    58. Dan

      Who is the woman’s voice in the background of the chorus?

    59. Amy Lancaster

      The girl has Hasleys tats... crazy

    60. Edwin Carbajal

      This dope

    61. Antonique Murray


    62. Siradjo Diallo

      J'adore ce gosse il fait de la bonne musique

    63. Boyan Subev

      the girl in the video have same tatto as halsey

    64. Princess Gah

      Put this on the radio


      Jeez this is a hit

    66. Ryan Robinson

      For having 5 million views in 1 week is dam good

    67. BLOCK YOU

      How can someone dislike dis

    68. Loyal GGG

      Aye 🔥 hugets.info/show/t3-Fn7_b0oep25Q/vide.html

    69. Latisha Yulfo

      Fucking loving every word of this omg

    70. Mered #PecheMelba113

      My Favourite Artist.🔥

    71. Ky Dam Tran

      Blackpears voice is so addictive

    72. Raifal Hassan Ridoy


    73. NuRespira

      Amazing man

    74. Tyler Grey

      This is 🔥🔥🔥

    75. nequel nelson

      G eazy is one my favorite artis

    76. ÿ3 bŵ0l

      Bro honestly Blackbear sang way better than u I love blackbear And a rap doesn’t match with this song

    77. Handheld Gaming

      This one of those tracks they should blast in the psych ward. 🤘🖤

    78. Emre BIYIK

      fake person bad and arrogant facts

    79. Joshua Ridenour


    80. kartik agarwal

      Come to India

    81. tara camerucci

      dude blackbear is killing it, he has featured on like 3 tracks all so recent. i love him

    82. Andrew Guzman

      An unimaginable story I hate the way it protrayed his minds left rightism it spoke volumes to me and him

    83. ItsVishyBreh

      Songs are so crazy when you relate to it on a deep ass level. Remembered the chorus on my second listen

    84. Wan C

      Suppose ,if MGK and g- eazy did a Collab

    85. Johns Greatness

      D.W.O🦁🐺🦅👽☮️💯🚀❤️ Black Blue Red That Way That Part Of The Real Major Facts. My Guy Got An Another Hit Out I'm Fucking A ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ It Man. Ur A Big Help Keep Doing U. Extraordinary Beyond Greatness. To All My Ex's

    86. Ashish Raroliya

      break-up has definitely improved this guy , all the lyrics coming from the heart …. I am really glad that he is back!

    87. Sena Ç

      0:47 sounds like Halsey lol

    88. J17 _III

      Why would anyone dislike this masterpiece

    89. Markus Lee

      Love this song.

    90. Bellinda Rizal

      @ex 💔🤟🏼

    91. Brenna

      G and blackbear is a deadly combo. Love this song

    92. Eazy

      The old Gerald Is back

    93. nieooj gotoy

      This song is like a f*ki’n drug. Can’t stop to hearing it 🔥.

    94. ItzDRT

      We got the rapping g eazy back

    95. Dream Swimmer

      Pandemic of Depressions are getting at its utmost best upon everyone with every passing moment

      1. Dream Swimmer

        @nieooj gotoy swag of ignorance got a dope Plz don't ascribe trump in that way..

      2. nieooj gotoy

        We need you to help us beat Trump, but he don't care about your future, please vote this time he don't care about your future.

    96. Eyilobeni Mozhui

      I miss #halzy

    97. Josh Dyer

      “I miss you” “Hahaha I’m right here” “No but you’re not though that’s the thing”

    98. Simply _fan_

      their love story is beautifull but sad

    99. Sherma

      i thought the girl talking was kim kardashian z